By Ilana Manaster

A modern makeover of The Picture of Dorian Gray

When Doreen Gray walks in the vaulted doorway of elite Chandler Academy, she is a sad, disastrous mess of acne, frizzy hair, and low self-esteem. Heidi Whelan, social-climber turned queen bee, takes one look and knows she has found her new protégé. Heidi gets her bookworm roommate Biz Gibbons-Brown to take a picture of Doreen and work her Photoshop magic. The result? A stunning profile pic that looks nothing like the real Doreen.

To the shock of all three, Doreen wakes up the next morning the embodiment of the glossy, digital makeover. Now, in order to maintain her sleek façade, Doreen has to hide her real self and the only hardcopy of the original photo. What will the secret do to her soul? All the while, Heidi is keeping secrets of her own.

Out with the men of nineteenth century London and in with the girls of twenty-first century New England, Doreen is a sharp and scandal-filled YA retelling of Oscar Wilde’s classic The Picture of Dorian Gray.

“Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? To be jealous of a picture.”