Author of Doreen and other great stuff


Doreen is a modern retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray that takes place at an elite East Coast boarding school—where beauty and popularity reign.

“Breezy enough for the beach, yet meaty enough for your three-AM musings on the meaning of life, Manaster's debut blends big moral questions and sumptuous Armani dresses into 333 pages of delight.”
—Teen Reads

“Sex, lies, and secrets are the hallmarks of Manaster's debut…Filled with vivid imagery and characters readers will love to hate, the story takes on a haunting, sinister tone early on, maintaining it through the descent into madness.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

From School Library Journal—
This stylish retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray transports Oscar Wilde's characters—in all their hedonistic angst—to a present-day prep school for New England's WASP elite. When awkward, frumpy Doreen transfers into Chandler Academy, her driven photographer cousin Biz and shark-toothed queen bee Heidi give Doreen's profile picture for Chandler's social network the full Photoshop treatment, with mixed intentions. Doreen wakes up the next morning transformed into the flawless girl in the photograph and hits the ground running, without a second thought to the casual cruelty that goes hand in hand with a quick rise to the top. Wear and tear of Doreen's pleasure-seeking behavior manifests itself on the photo Biz took, which gets uglier with each escapade. Heidi's scheming and string-pulling are given as much time as the protagonist's exploits, and the complicated, scandalous backstory connecting the main characters is perplexing but curious enough to keep teens turning the pages. Manaster's language and tone give the story a classic, set-apart feel, and there is a healthy mix of reserved refinement and soapy melodrama.

By Ilana Manaster